Friday, October 14, 2011

Perkongsian Ilmu 2 :) Refleksi ...

Assalamualaikum dan salam bloggers :)

This is a continuous post from the last one, last time I suggest certain ways to write a better lesson objective and today I would like to share how I write my lesson summary (refleksi). Used to be, all of us tend to write in 1 @ 2 sentences, right such as "objektif tercapai", "aktiviti berjalan dengan lancar"  and most commonly "aktiviti akan diulang pada masa hadapan".

On our last LDP, this type of summary is frown upon since it doesn't show a specific outcome of the lesson activity for the day. Whoa, now everything needed to be specified :P So, they proposed ways on how to write summary more specifically.

Main essence of a specific lesson summary

  • Summary of the whole learning activity --> meaning that is it applicable? are all the activities can be done by the students? 
  • Students reaction --> does the students enjoy the activities? does the the students show interest?
  • Teacher reaction --> do you as a teacher feel satisfied on your lesson today?
  • The objective --> does your students achieve the objective? if not, why? how to overcome the problem
In my lesson plan, I also include a simple checklist to aid me in writing a specific summary. Usually, we tend to write this type of checklist :

Student's Name :
Class :
Date :

Skill Item
No Respond

Exchange greetings.

Appropriate body gestures and Skill

Social situations

Usage of the telephone

Then, below the charts you tend to scribble your own comment about the above checklist. The above checklist is more towards an individualized achievement. There is nothing wrong with it, but truthfully, writing each of our students this type of checklist can be a bit challenging, beside you need more paper and more ink. LOL

My way of writing my Students Achievement Skills is like this. 1st, I narrow down the skill needed such as 1.1.1 Greetings, you can narrow down to what type of greeting needed for the students to master (e.g: good morning, good afternoon, good evening and good night).. It is best, if you teach at least 5 items per lesson to lessen the your work stress and attainable for the students :P. Lets go back to the objective, let say today we targeted the students to recognise greeting. I will write down : All of the pupils will able to recognise at least 3 out 4 pictures pertaining to greetings which are good morning, good afternoon, good evening and good night.
So the checklist will be :

Skills / Learning Standard :
Date :
Student's Achievement Checklist
Checklist Items
Good Morning
Good Afternoon
Good Evening
Good Night

Checklist Indicator
No response

Much simpler :) And you only needed half of the paper to write down this checklist. So how you can apply it to your lesson? By the end of each lesson, I suggest that we take sometime to write down this checklist in our summary section, so that there is a valid evidence on your student's achievement. You only have to tick the appropriate indicator whether the students already mastered, pending (meaning needed help) or no response at all the items. On the remarks column, you can either write down the number of mastered item and determine whether the students achieve the objective or not.

Anyway, this is only a suggestion :) Whether which checklist you prefer there is nothing wrong about it. All I intend to do is making our job more easier and less writing :P Just that, the advantage of my version of checklist, you can easily identify the weaker students and which items that the students still find it hard to master. And, most of all, I can easily explain to others in how the progress of my students :)

So happy trying :) and good luck

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Perkongsian Ilmu :) How to write proper lesson objective

Assalamualaikum dan Salam Bloggers :)

How u guys doing? I hope everyone is doing great, so am I :) Today I just want to share with all of u how I write my lesson objective. This is only sharing meaning that I am not forcing u to follow exactly how I write nor that implying my way of writing lesson objective is the best. Is that just, I realize that most of my colleagues tend to write their lesson objective in very general way. Meaning that, terlampau umum la in Malay :)

This will cause problems especially to the teacher themselves when their lesson plans is being checked by KPM or JPN. Because, our lesson objective determine the whole plan, the activities, the aides that needed in lesson as well as the whole summary of the lesson (refleksi). So, it is important for us to really focus on writing the lesson objective making it very specific.

For example, 
Matapelajaran : Asas 3M (Bahasa Melayu)
Tajuk : 3.0 Kemahiran Membaca
Standard Pembelajaran (or subkemahiran) : 3.1.1 Membunyikan suku kata KV
How most of u write down the objective?
Most --> Objektif / Hasil Pembelajaran  : Murid dapat membunyikan suku kata.
Mine --> Objektif / Hasil Pembelajaran : Semua murid dapat membunyikan suku kata KV yang bermula dengan konsonan B
Not to say the 1st one is wrong, but if u compared both of the objectives, which one is more specific? Which one is more attainable? 
You can also modify your objective by targeting how many of your students that can achieve the above objective or how many items the student needed to identify and so on..The possibilities are endless.Just make sure that the objective is attainable and suitable according to your students abilities. 

This may seem easier for subjects such as Languages and Mathematics. What about subjects that have no clear indicators such as Art. How to make a countable objective (betul ka ayat tu?) meaning that how to count the percentage of students achievement of a certain skill. It is a bit tricky, you can try by narrowing the size of the art, complexity of the art (jangan buat seni yang susah2) or even numbers of colours used in the painting, materials for collage and types of art supplies in making an art.
The main point here is that, considered the indicators in how u can measure the rate of your student achievement. So good luck and better objective, meaning better outcome :)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

1st Update in October :)

Assalamualaikum and Happy October everyone :)

October is obviously is my favourite month of the year 'cause it's my birthday month LOL...anyway, been searching at Internet in fun ways in learning...

Today I am gonna share on how to teach alphabets to young children and at the same time incorporating fine skill motor into the activities..I called this "alphabets doughnuts"...I think that sum it all up.. I know this might not be an original idea, but still rolling dough is one of the best idea of teaching young children in learning shapes.

I came up with this activity for our school Language Week activities and for low functioning students who still not able to master in writing using pencil. What better way to teach  on shapes than rolling and shaping dough. I choose doughnut because it is easier to prepare and less materials meaning less costs :P

First, the recipe for the doughnut
1. 1kg of plain flour
2. 11g of yeast
3. 1 egg
4. 100g of butter (or you can substitute it with oil)
5. A teaspoon of baking powder (so it the dough will puff)
6. A teaspoon of salt (fine salt is preferable because it dissolve easily)
7. Water as needed
** I don't put sugar at all because at the end of the activities, I will sprinkle with icing sugar on top of their doughnut. And too much sugar is not a smart move for children especially for hyperactive children.

Methods :
1. Mixed all of the ingredients above, you can either mix it with a mixer or manually by hand. If your children is well behaved, this first part can be done by them but in my case, I have prepared it earlier to ease the latter activity, which is shaping the dough into alphabets. Mixed all together until it the mixture is able to be mold and not sticking on the bowl.
2. Left it to rest for about half and hour or so...The mixture will expand about half of the original size, my recipe can be used for more than 12 pupils at a time. Each pupils will get at least a handful of dough mixture.
3. Divide the mixture into small batches, in my case my palm size (any adult palm size) and distribute each to the children.
4. I then handed a block of letters for each of the children. Using a 3D blocks are better because the children can actually estimate and see how they should roll and shaped their dough to emulate the letter block. It is best to let the children molded the dough on a plastic covered table (for hygiene purpose), sprinkle a bit (just a tiny little bit ya) flour to make sure the dough does not stick onto the hand,a beaten egg for glue.
**precaution : ensure your children have cleaned their nails and hands before handling food!!!
5. Fry in the oil until golden brown.
6. Lastly, sprinkled with icing sugar and time to eat..

My pupils enjoy the activities, especially the last activity which is eating their own alphabets LOL..It is fun, a bit messy but satisfying activity.

A bit of pictures :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Blogger Block :(

Been having a blogger block for a few months already..has run out of ideas plus I been busy with school work :(
Not a very good excuse but it is the truth..
Right now, I am still compiling materials to enrich my blog as I vowed myself to...A tonnes of apology and so much sorry for the inconvenience :(

Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Running Boy

Assalamualaikum and Salam bloggers :)
Happy to have another post today..Just a simple and short one actually..I just want to share a movie "Marathon : running boy"..It's a Korean movie and it is been made a long long time already LOL..but just finish the whole movie...It is a movie based on a true Autistic Man who run the marathon and set records, unbelievably never been attempted by any other man of his age let alone individuals with Autism...It shows that pure determination, hard work, supports and understanding can push one special person to achieve beyond our expectation. Plus, it didn't hurt that he love to run. So, check the net, watch it on youtube, and hopefully you'll be inspired as I do...

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Well Known People with Disabilities

Assalamualaikum and Salam Bloggers everyone..
Sorry for the long absence, been very busy plus having a writer block this few weeks (months) here I am back for my newest entry..
Not all individual with disabilities stuck and depends on other for the continuation of their life. Some exceed beyond expectation and flourish to become one of well known people in the world...
So I have searched and compiled a few special individuals, who I hope can inspire us that our special children can also achieve greatness in their life :)
1.Helen Keller
   - Helen Adam Keller is hearing and sight impaired (hate to use deaf and blind). I remembered seeing her movie back then when I was in primary school (long long time). Her parents hired a teacher, Annie Sullivan (I wish I could be like her sobs) who constantly teach and guide Helen to learn about communication and everything. She will teach Helen by spelling words using sign language on the palm of her hands. It was a tremendous and very challenging journey, for both of them. At the end, Helen was able to learn and earn a degree and become a well known author, lecturer and political activist. Take that for a person who can't see nor hear...
2.Albert Enstein
 - The first story I heard about Albert was when I was in high school. It was very intriguing and fascinating :) Here, we know him as the smartest man in the world yet he only learn how to speak at the age of 3. Surely this is a clear sign of a children with delay speaking. And he was also suffered from dyslexia .Yet, through pure determination, passion and a lot of imagination, he manage to become one of the most respectful scientist of all time :)
3. Christy Brown
 - He was an Irish painter, author and poet...and he has cerebral palsy. What is cerebral palsy you may asked? it is a condition which hinder nervous and brain system which causes muscle contraction. Meaning individuals with cerebral palsy is limited in using their limbs. So, how can this man manage to paint or to write if his limbs were stiff or unable to move? Amazingly, he managed to do all those thing by using his LEFT FOOT..I myself can't even hold a pencil right using my left hand let alone a left foot. Yet, he able to do that. His mother was his mentor, she relentlessly coach him, teach him, speak and work with him since the very beginning which I believe is also the contributor of his success..
4. Ludwig Van Beethoven
 - He was considered as a music virtuoso and a protege of one of the greatest composer, Wolfgang Mozart. He gave his first performance when he was just eight years old. Geez, when I was eight years old the only song that I know was children rhymes LOL...He was hearing impaired..What?!..He was not born as hearing impaired person yet most of  his greatest composition was composed during him being hearing impaired..Moonlight sonata everyone :)
5. Loius Braille
- The inventor of Braille was also a vision impaired individuals. Accidentally stabbed his eyes when he was young with his father's awl. Through his disabilities, he created a way of vision impaired people to enable them to read and learn through their skin senses. If the accident was never occur, I don't think that vision impaired individuals will able to learn to read.

This are only a few well known person who has disabilities yet able to overcome the obstacle and achieve greatness in their lifetime. It make us see, that is no possibilities that are too impossible, no hardship that can't be overcome nor there are no giving up when the world don't believe in you. This amazing individuals shows that we all have what it takes to succeed...

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bila ibu bapa bising dengan guru..

Assalamualaikum dan Salam Bloggers

Post kali ini tidak berkaitan dengan intipati utama blog ini tetapi lebih kepada luahan hati saya sebagai seorang GURU KELAS PENDIDIKAN KHAS..

Seorang uncle mengadu yang anak buah nya telah dipukul / dicubit di bahagian paha sehingga lebam oleh seorang GURU PEREMPUAN KELAS PENDIDIKAN KHAS sekolah saya..tak perlu la saya mention nama sekolah sebab ini bukan nak menyebelahi mana2 pihak...GURU tersebut memang tidak disukai oleh ramai ibu bapa / penjaga MURID BERKEPERLUAN KHAS kerana garang dan kuat memukul murid - murid di sana. GURU tersebut turut memukul anak buah beliau sekali lagi kerana mengetahui murid tersebut telah mengadu kepada ibu bapa....

Dan pengaduan ini terang - terangan di'post'kan di laman sosial FACEBOOK...

Saya tidak suka dengan cara 'pakcik' ini membuat pengaduan..Sebagai orang yang berpelajaran, ada banyak salauran yang betul jika betul kejadian ini berlaku. Kenapa perlu dimasukkan ke dalam laman sosial tersebut? ada kah kerana untuk meraih simpati? meraih populariti? kalau benda ini betul, pengaduan ini sepatutnya diajukan kepada PEGAWAI PELAJARAN DAERAH @ JABATAN PENDIDIKAN NEGERI...Jumpa dengan GURU tersebut..bincang..bawa bukti jika ada...hal2 seperti ini adalah perkara serius dan akan diberikan tindakan yang sewajarnya dan mengadukan aduan ini di dalam laman sosial adalah suatu perkara yang BODOH SOMBONG dan TIDAK BERETIKA.

Sepanjang saya mendidik dan membimbing kanak - kanak bermasalah pembelajaran, saya memang terkenal dengan sikap yang tegas. Tapi tengok2 la dulu keadaan budak tu, kalau budak tu bermasalah Cerebral Palsy @ Down Syndrome @ Terencat Akal @ Kecacatan teruk memang BINATANG la saya kalau saya bersikap tegas. Saya tidak mudah mengangkat tangan jika murid melakukan kesilapan tanpa teguran terlebih dahulu. Paling teruk pun budak tu kena high pitched sound sahaja. Suara saya ni sudah cukup untuk murid2 memberi perhatian kepada saya. Tidak perlu untuk ransangan tambahan :(

Orang luar pandang enteng dengan tugas kami sebagai guru KELAS PENDIDIKAN KHAS..Ada yang cakap cikgu pendidikan khas ini terlalu rileks. Kamu tidak tahu yang saya ni dah puas kena ludah, tolong cuci hingus budak, kena cuci pantat budak yang berak, yang kencing, tolong memandikan budak, kena cubit, kena tumbuk, kena tendang, mana yang nak pegi mengejar budak lagi...
Ini belum lagi jika anak2 murid itu dihantar dari RUMAH dalam keadaaan yang kotor, kelaparan dan sakit. Anak2 ini diserahkan seperti apa sahaja supaya kami ni yang bersihkan..Ibu bapa jenis apa ka itu?
Berulangkali saya sentuh perkara ini semasa mesyuarat namun ibu bapa buat 'masuk telinga kanan, keluar telinga kiri'
Elaun pendidikan khas yang diberikan kepada anak2 tersebut digunakan untuk kepentingan diri sendiri sedangkan anak2 mereka terbiar begitu sahaja.
Dan apabila lambat sahaja elaun masuk, mula la berpusu2 nak berjumpa dengan kami nak mengadu..
Saya dah experience semua tu.. Anda semua pernah experience macam tu ka?
UWEEEKKK itu jak respon kebanyakkan orang.. Kamu tidak tahu itu...

Kamu tidak tahu macamana saya sampai habis tenaga dan usaha nak mengajar kanak2 ini mengenal huruf A...HURUF A..
Kamu tidak tahu macamana saya menitiskan air mata apabila anak2 murid saya masih belum boleh memegang pensel..
Kamu tidak tahu macamana saya rasa kecewa apabila anak2 murid saya belum dapat mendengar arahan... Kamu tidak tahu macamana saya rasa muak apabila orang lain memandang hina kepada anak2 murid saya...
Kamu tidak tahu macamana saya rasa mau putus asa bila anak2 murid saya tidak mampu mengenal apa2 sedangkan sudah berulangkali saya mengajarnya


Namun saya tidak nafikan ada segelintir guru yang masih belum memahami konsep sebagai GURU PENDIDIKAN KHAS...sewenang2nya melepaskan tanggungjawab kepada rakan lain menyebabkan bebanan guru lain bertambah. Saya pun heran bagaimana mereka boleh pergi ke sekolah, buat tidak kisah dan tidur dengan lena pada malamnya setelah memperlakukan sedemikian.

Saya bukan meminta simpati apa lagi meminta belas kasihan dari pembaca..Saya hanya mahu kita saling faham-memahami..Saling bertoleransi dan sama2 membantu mencari jalan penyelesaian yang terbaik kepada anak2 ini untuk MENJADI INSAN YANG BERMAKNA...

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